Acquavena Licusati

From the village of Acquavena a small road and later a dirt lane lead straight uphill. At the place where it tuns left, a footway with wooden handrail starts to the right along chesnut trees to an interesection of sevaral lanes. Here the trail „La Scaletta“ starts giong up the cliffs quasi vertically with alltogether about 1.000 steps. On the way there is a viewpoint with bench to have a break. The steps end long before reaching the summit and…

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La bacheca del percorso

I explored this route in two sections: The northeastern part in October 2013 downwards coming from San Giovanni a Piro and in October 2018 upwards continuing to San Giovanni a Piro. The southwestern part in May 2011 coming from Centola Scalo and continuing to Celle di Bulgeria and 2017 coming from San Giovanni a Piro and taking a taxi from the Christo statue above Licusati. Three of four mentioned trips were together with children. Despite of the length and large altitude difference the Bulgheria massif proved to be suitable for families. There are nearly always panoramic views, the landscape is varying a lot and interesting little animals were found like ladybugs, mantis, tarantula. Also children tend to rather climb than walk horizontally. The trail is at no place dangerous. A friend walked the last part along the road into the village of Licusati. Maybe there are paths to shortcut the serpentines of the asphalt road but I wasn’t able to verify them yet. The Rifugio Tozzo del Moio may provide simple overnight accomodation if you bring a sleeping bag, but no food.

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