Agriturismo Il Giardino dei Ciliegi Rifugio Cervati

A comfortable to walk and hard to miss dirt lane leads from the origin to Valle delle Orchidee. After leaving a large forest area you go first straight in direction of Sassano and then left onto a marked path. Reaching Valle delle Orchidee there are information boards, an asphalted road and some paths which can be taken to avoid the asphalt and explore the area. Cows and horses graze on the meadows. From Coddate Filano there is no more alternative…

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La bacheca del percorso

Origin, place to eat and sleep: Agriturismo Il Giardino dei Ciliegi (Loc. Vesolo, 84030 Sanza, +39 346 211 7477) Destination, place to eat and sleep: Rifugio Cervati ( I walked this route on 25 May 2016 starting in the very early morning, contiuing directly to Tempa del Fico by skipping Rifugio Cervati. This is very long and only possible during early summer days. I strongly recommend to use Rifugio Cervati for overnight stay between Thursday and Sunday and after making a reservation. Because of the early morning the light situation didn’t allow for good photos. Easier ways to reach Rifugio Cervati are from Piaggine and Sanza. From Piscina del Brigante I suppose a better hiking trail towards the destination but because I wasn’t able to verify it I left the road earlier to directly reach Collata la gorla as described. Valle delle Orchidee is a protected area with some tourist infrastructure consisting of information boards and several marked trails. You are supposed to go there by car from Sassano. Many species of orchids are found here. It’s not really a vally, more an altipiano. Every year in spring a festival takes place here dedicated to the flowering orchids.

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