Stazione F.S. di Ascea Rodio

The first part of this route runs along the beach of Ascea with wonderful mountain panorama. The beach ends near the locality Baia Tirrena in front of a rock that juts into the sea. It has a Saracene Tower named Torre del Telègrafo on it. Behind a beach bar and a parking lot an information board for a marked path named Sentiero degli Inammorati is visible. We follow this path first throug coastal vegetation and then uphill. We don’t go…

Ammappato il 12 Maggio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

No facilities are on the way. In Rodio there is a food store and a bar open in case you don’t arrive early afternoon. It doens’t have public transport. There are several options to continue on foot or go back to ascea along the upper way making a long roundtrip. Also this route can be combined with the one from Rodio to Pisciotta railway station and go back by train. I walked this route on 3 October 2017.

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