Agri-B&B Casale Il Sughero Villammare

This track connects mountains and coast of southern Cilento. It offers two possibilities to walk between start and destination which can be combined differently to make larger or smaller roundtrips or different one way trips. Of course both routes can be used in both directions. The first one leads through the pittoresque old village of Vibonati. It is situated on a hill betwenn the sea and mountains on from several points in the village there are great views. In the…

Ammappato il 2 Gennaio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

Casale il Sughero – Vibonati paese 3 km Casale il Sughero – Villammare Lungomare via Vibonati paese 7 km Villammare – Casale il Sughero through the forest 11,6 km The part from Casale il Sughero I walked in october 2018 with a small group and Amedeo from Casale il Sughero. The ways near Villammare I explored in May 2011. The forest road was found on the IGM map, verified by satellite images and explored in October 2018. Casale il Sughero is a small B&B. The owner knows the area very well and offers to work as trekking guide. The gpx-file is extracted from openstreetmap.

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