Caselle in Pittari Morigerati

The route starts in the village of Caselle in Pittari using the road to Morigerati for about 1,5 km. Then take the little road to the right for about 400 m until there is a meadow on the right side. The meadow has to be crossed lengthwise without path. Entering the forest there is path leading in direction of Sicili. At the foot of Monte San Michele you turn left on a footway with steps leading downwards until it hits…

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11 Novembre 2018
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La bacheca del percorso

6.6 km (including visit of Oasi WWF) Altitude range 304 m (148 to 452 m) Total climb 183 m Total descent 322 m A very good place for simple and inexpensive eating and overnight stay is Albergo La Sosta at the central sqare of Caselle in Pittari. Oasi WWF Grotte del Bussento is one of the main attractions in southern Cilento whith an ancient water mill and the river Bussento coming out of the mountain after a several kilometres underground course – all in spectacular landscape. ( I walked this route in a little group in September 2013 guided by associates of Terra di Resilienza cooperativa sociale (

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