Castel Ruggero Roccagloriosa

This route includes a visit to the archeological area of Roccagloriosa with remains of a lucanian fortress from 4th century BC. The village of Castel Ruggero is situated on the ridge which connects the mountains of inner Cilento with the Bulgheria massif. This route quasi follows the ridge in southwestern direction, first on an access road but quickly turning right onto a dirt track which connects rural properties. Is is almost horizontal, provides some views across the Mingardo valley and…

Ammappato il 19 Maggio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

The visit to the archeological area is free of charge and accessible at all times. Someone living nearby is taking care about the site. Castel Ruggero is served by buses of company Lettieri Mario (089/753193) and Roccagloriosa by ETTORE CURCIO E FIGLI S.R.L. (, which may also have a service to Torre Orsaia close to the starting point. I walked this route in October 2016 organized and guided by Tempa del Fico (

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