Centola Scalo Stazione F.S. Stazione F.S. Celle Bulgheria Roccagloriosa

Very close to the railway station of Centola the old railway, wich is abandoned since track doubling and electrification, starts to run parallel to the new one. It is passable for pedestrians including a viaduct and a tunnel. The road on the viaduct is blocked by a cattle grid which can be opened. After this, including the tunnel, you might meet grazing cattle. They always gave way when approched slowly and carefully. The path on the railway dam ends at…

Ammappato il 3 Gennaio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

6,7 km Altitude range 80 Meter (39 to 119 Meter) Total climb 136 Meter Total descent 118 Meter At Centola railway station there is a tourist information office. Above the village there is an open air museum of the medieval village. The station of Celle Bulgheria – Roccagloriosa has no facilities except shelter and not all trains stop there. I walked this route in September 2013.

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