Scario San Giovanni a Piro

I found this route added on openstreetmap and on and tried successfully to walk it on Oct. 10, 2018 in opposite direction. A few persons in San Giovanni a Piro denied the possibility to walk there or did not know. Although the walk was not dangerous, it is indeed recommended to walk in the proposed direction starting in Scario because a part of it was is very steep and slippery due to loose stones and it is easier to…

Ammappato il 8 Novembre 2018

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

From Ciolandrea there are several alternative walking possibilities. 1. further above the coast until the deep valley of Marcellino and perhaps further to Marina di Camerota (to be verified), 2. around Monte Paccuma to the Santuario Maria SS. de Pietrasanta, 3. over a dirt lane to the upper parts of San Giovanni a Piro and the start of the climb onto Monte Bulgheria. In San Giovanni a Piro you shouldn’s miss the Pasticceria „Il Ritorno“ directly on the described route. Start and destination are connected by bus ( Also there is a little road connecting both places directly being suitable for a shorter, easier and still very beautiful walk, for example to make a round trip. The gpx-track is extracted from openstreetmap data by The osm data has been contributed or reviewed by myself based of satellite images and own gps traces.

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