Stazione F.S. Celle Bulgheria - Roccagloriosa Laurito

The railway station of Celle Bulgheria – Roccagloriosa is situated very close to the Mingardo river in very beautiful countryside between Monte Bulgheria and other mountains. For the first half hour comfortable ways follow the river in upstream direction. Later you have two options: Either you walk in the riverbed which is quite dry in autumn and probably summer or you go around the riverbed on winding paths to reach the route of an underground water pipe. This is walkable,…

Ammappato il 25 Novembre 2018

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

11.2 km Altitude range 434 m (57 to 491 m) Total climb 537 m Total descent 133 m This route is for experts only because of possible risks of the river crossing, the necessary decision if to follow the river or the acqueduct, the partly arduous way, no signalisation and normally no people around to ask for directions (in case you meet someone they might not know). Of course most if this depends on time of year and weather conditions. After a hot and dry summer there will be no problems. In my case it was good to have solid shoes aganist the thorns as well as trekking sandals for going through mud or water. In order to arrive at the starting point early in the morning I stayed overnight at Hotel Rivera in Marina di Pisciotta. At about 7 am the school bus stops directly in fromt of the house for transferring at the Pisciotta railway station to a train which brings you quickly to the station Celle Bulgheria – Roccagloriosa. Not all trains stop there. In Laurito there are a few buses to Rofrano, Vallo della Lucania and Sapri. For me this was the third trip for exploring section by section the largely undeveloped Mingardo valley between Alfano and Centola, carried out in April 2018. It has beautiful surrounding and vegetation, many birds and was always was very lonely despite apparently having some agriculture on the sides. I mainly find it interesting as a connection between the bulgheria area and the inner Cilento.

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