Masseria Cata Catascia Battaglia

This is a short and easy connection between two beautiful accomodations. It passes the village of Tortorella in short distance with possibility to make a detour to go there. The first part is a shortcut to a long winding asphalt road. It is maintained by the owner of Masseria Cata Catascia. For a few meters it leads along a streambed and might be a bit difficult to find on the other side. Going uphill the path changes to a track…

Ammappato il 20 Maggio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

Place to eat and sleep at the start: Masseria Cata Catascia (being present on, Airbnb and Facebook: Place to sleep at destination: Public transportation: (times for Torraca, Tortorella, Battaglia). I walked the first part in October 2017 organized and guided by Masseria Cata Catascia continuing to Monte Cocuzzo. I walked the last part in May 2016 arriving from I Perali.

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