Morigerati Agri-B&B Casale Il Sughero

From Morigerati there is a comfortable footway down into the valley to Oasi WWF Grotte del Bussento, the place where the Bussento river comes back to the surface after a underground course of several kilometers. Also there is an old water mill which is still operational. The footway crosses a little stream next to the mill and climbs on the other side. At a way crossing you dont’s take the road to Sicili but turn left onto Sentiero Isca. This…

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La bacheca del percorso

8.8 km Altitude range 291 m (85 to 376 m) Total climb 386 m Total descent 297 m Casale il Sughero is a little B&B with a beautiful view from the terrace over the golfo di Policastro. The owner knows the area very well and might be available as tour guide.

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