Stazione F.S. Pisciotta-Palinuro Ròdio

If arriving at the railway station Pisciotta-Palinuro by train mostly there will be no bus connection because over the years the local service has been reduced to quasi zero. So the walk starts right here and because of the sea and mountain panorama it is a quite beautiful one. The road follows the old railway line above the coast as it was before track doubling and electrification. You ignore the serpentine road giong up and rather continue straight over a…

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La bacheca del percorso

Stazione FS Pisciotta-Palinuro to Marina di Pisciotta: 40 min Marina di Pisciotta to Pisciotta : 20 min Pisciotta to Ròdio: 1,5 hours Stazione FS Pisciotta-Palinuro – Pisciotta – Ròdio – Staione FS Ascea: 6 to 7 hours Place to sleep in Marina di Pisciotta: Hotel Riviera ( In Pisciotta there is an Albergo Diffuso. Ròdio is a beautiful place to have a break and then combine this route with one to Ascea or Catona. Is is a very quiet place. A bar and a little alimentari are available.

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