Pisciotta San Mauro la Bruca

The first part of this route is one of several possibilities to reach the Castelluccio mountain from Pisciotta. It is the easiest one because it runs all the way along drivable ways with very little traffic but still very romantic. The track winds along the slope of Vallone Carusello passing gardens and vineyards. Except for the staircase ascent within the Pisciotta populated area, which can be bypassed, the route should be possible also for normal bicycles. The Castelluccio summit provides…

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19 Aprile 2019
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La bacheca del percorso

Two water fountains are along the way, one near the beginning of Vallone Carusello, the other one near its upper end. San Mauro la Bruca has relatively little facilities: among others two bars and a small food store. Twice a day a bus is supposed to go to Vallo della Lucania. There seems to be no public transport back to Pisciotta. I walked the section from Castelluccio to San Mauro la Bruca on 24 May 2011 and the one from Pisciotta to Castelluccio an 8 October 2013, both with small children. The gpx is extracted from openstreetmap by GPSies.com. I edited osm myself based on own gps traces and experience.

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