Rifugio Cervati Atena Lucana Scalo

This trail goes from the foot of the highest mountain in Cilento through the canyon of Buccana and the plains of Vallo di Diano. Is is a very panoramic but long way. Starting at Rifugio Cervati I walked down the road to Piaggine for 3.8 km and then turned sharp right onto another road leading to the other side of this very upper part of the Calore valley. At the crossing of a stream there are some benches and picinic…

Ammappato il 19 Dicembre 2018

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

29.6 km Altitude range 1166 m (443 to 1609 m) Total climb 172 m Total descent 1315 m This route seemed only possible with overnight stay at Rifugio Cervati. This is normally open from Thursday to Sunday. Availability needs to be checked in advance by phone. It provided sufficient food to last for the long way without any facilities alongside. Sources of drinking water are mentioned in the text above. I walked this route on April 8, 2018. The gpx file is extracted from openstreetmap using gpsies.com, before this I edited openstreetmap according to my own gps traces and experience.

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