Rifugio Cervati B&B Tempa del Fico

For walking between Rifugio Cervati and Tempa del Fico there are two alternatives: via Ruscio di Vallevona and Valle della Mezzana The first one I traveled in May 2016. It crosses the the top plateau of the highest mountain of cilento with spectacular views, coming by the sanctuary Maria della Neve and the place La Nevera. All this is documented well elsewhere and the guys from the refugio can give good advice. From La Nevera a path marked as „SI…

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La bacheca del percorso

The Rifugio Cervati is normally open from Thursday to Sunday but it’s always useful to call prior to arrival. I was received a very warm welcome, could dry the wet things by the fireplace and excellent food was served overabundantly. Tempa del Fico is a perfect place to stay overnight an get plenty of food as well. Rifugio Cervati to Tempa del Fico via Ruscio di Vallevona and Valle della Mazzana: 15.8 km Altitude range 1279 m (579 to 1858 m) Total climb 469 m Total descent 1488 m Tempa del Fico to Rifugio Cervati via Vallone Colurzo and Valle Mercori 17.4 km Altitude range 1030 m (579 to 1609 m) Total climb 1486 m Total descent 456 m Except for the access road to Rifugio Cervati and the sanctuary on Monte Cervati the area is absolutely lonely. No signalization. No cellular connection (including Rifugio Cervati, exceptions: Raia dei Gigantini, Sorgente Calore, Tempa del Fico). Drinkable water is avalable on the way. The gpx is extracted by gpsies.com from openstreetmap which I edited from own gpx traces and experience.

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