Roccagloriosa Stazione F.S. Celle Bulgheria - Roccagloriosa

This was the second of five explorations of the largely undeveloped Mingardo valley between Alfano and Centola, carried out in October 2017, after much deliberation, whether there would be any difficulties, even with family. Official information about this relation was not available. It finally turned out to be very simple. The little town of Roccagloriosa is located almost on top of a mountain in between Monte Bulgheria, the Mingardo river valley and behind this the mountains of inner Cilento. The…

Ammappato il 15 Novembre 2018

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

3 hours (including visit of ruins) 6,7 km total climb 91 m total descent 405 m altitude range 402 m (57m to 459m) At the starting point there is a bus stop of the line Sapri – Centola Scalo ( In order to reach this area quickly by public transportation I stayed overnight for example at Hotel Pixunte in Policastro-Bussentino or Hotel Riviera in Marina di Pisciotta. There are images from autumn 2017 and also spring 2018.

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