Rofrano Alfano

From the small central square in Rofrano where buses stop and there is a very little gas filling station you can make a circle around the old town providing a view down the Mingardo valley which this trail follows from here. A very steep driveway with concrete surface which might be slippery in wet whether goes down into the valley and ends at a road which alternatively can be used on longer serpentines. The road crosses the river over a…

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La bacheca del percorso

Length from Rofrano to Alfano directly 5,1 km, to La Contadina Country House 6,8 km. Destination, place to eat and sleep: La Contadina County House ( Rofrano and Alfano are connected with each other and Sapri by two public buses per day Mondays through Saturdays (Lettieri Autolinee Srl, 3357723873) I walked this trail in October 2016 guided by Angelo Avagliano of Tempa del Fico (

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