Rofrano Cannalonga

This is a quite panoramic route through one of the most remote areas in the inner Cilento. It crosses the mountainous area of Monte Sacro or Gelbison but without a direct access to its summit. The starting point can be either Rofrano or San Menale. The first part is along the pilgrim way to Monte Gelbison but we leave this turning to the right over a wooden bridge. On the other side of the little valley there are a few…

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La bacheca del percorso

There is no signalization. If using the gpx the way should be easy to find. There seems to be no danger of getting blocked by vegetation. Water is provided by a fountain above San Menale and Sorgente Crepaboi near the mountain pass. In Rofrano and Cannalonga you find cafes, alimentari, tabacchi and overnight accomodation. In San Menale there are no facilities at all. Rofrano and San Menale are served by public buses of company Lettieri from Vallo della Lucania and Sapri. Cannalonga has a bus connection to Vallo della Lucania ( Tickets must be purchased in advance from the Tabacchi Cafaro where also is the buses stop. I walked the first and middle part on 14 October 2016, the middle and last part on 5 October 2017. A few days later the path through the valley between the mountain pass and Cannalonga was re-inaugurated as „Sentiero del Maestro“ by the association Elea Outdoor Trekking ( This is an alternative to the last part of the route described here, being mostly covered by beech forest and with much more shadow but less panorama. The title picture shows Rofrano, San Menale and the mountains to be crossed seen from a little further southeast.

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