Rofrano B&B Tempa del Fico

From the central square you take a small footway leading uphill. It changes into a residential road, continues through residential area and then always ascending all the way to Croce di Rofrano which also may be called Croce di Sanza. Where the road forms two curves to the right in a row there is a possibility to turn left onto an unasphalted track. This leads back to the same road after passing a picnic area. The road ends at the…

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La bacheca del percorso

Without going to the summit only 11 km / 4 hours. B&B Tempa del Fico is the only place to eat and sleep at the destination. Rofrano offers all kind of facilities and bus connections to Vallo della Lucania and Sapri. Near Croce di Rofrano in the direction to Monte Centaurino according to a guidepost there is an adventure park. This route is one of three possibilities to walk between Tempa del Fico and Rofrano. The other ones are described on ammappalitalia by the routes to Caselle in Pittari (asphalt road) and Cuccaro Vetere (only the first 8 km, than change to the itinerary of Forra dell’Emmisi). From Croce della Mezzana probably also Monte Faiatella is accessible giving a possibility to walk from Rofrano to Monte Cervati or Refugio Cervati in one day. This might be particularly useful since the road to Monte Cervati may become asphalted soon. I walked this route on 6 April 2018. The gpx is extracted from openstreetmap by I edited osm myself based on own gps traces and experience. One of the pics shows Rofrano and La Raia del Pedale seen from further south on the way to Alfano.

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