S. Nicola di Centola Stazione F.S. Centola

This is a very unusual connection because it is off the coast as well as the high mountains of inner cilento. Also it leads past Palinuro, where the recently promoted hiking trails point to. It not only connects the mountains around Pisciotta with the Bulgheria massif but also two abandoned old villages: the old part of S. Nicola with San Severino. The first one is just a collection of ruins next to the new village, the other one a tourist…

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La bacheca del percorso

I rate this route as „escursionisti esperti“ becuase of orientation problems on the first part until Foria. The walk is actually pretty easy. There was no signalisation when I made this tour in September 2013 and again in May 2016. The second part from Foria to San Severino is very easy and would get „turistico“ if standing alone. The „borgo medievale di San Severino“ was always in bad condition but promoted as tourist attraction in guidebooks and on the spot. The location is very romantic with nature being present in between the ruins, the Mingardo river valley and several mountains being visible. There is a bus by company Infante to bring school children to Pisciotta and back on school days. According to Google Maps there is also a connection to Pisciotta station and Vallo della Lucania. Centola station is well connected by regional trains with Napoli and Sapri. At the moment also a fast train from and to Milano stops twice a week during the summer season.

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