S. Nicola Porto di Palinuro

This is a simple route along a range of hills that extends north-south to Palinuro. On the right is the sea, on the left the Mingardo valley and behind it the massif of Mount Bulgheria. If you always orient yourself in the highest possible elevation, you cannot miss the path. First, it goes down the road a bit through agricultural landscape. The road turns into the driveway and you have to turn right onto a path. The path leads over…

Ammappato il 8 Marzo 2019

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La bacheca del percorso

Without going to Capo Palinuro only 2 hours! By 2017 to 2019 there is a bus connection from Palinuro to S. Nicola in the early morning around 7:30. This bus brings school students to different locations and only runs on school days. This route includes a 1.4 km section of narrow path through relatively low scrub, which might be uncomfortable for kids who cannot look over it. I walked this route on 13 October 2016.

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