San Giovanni a Piro Stazione F.S. Celle Bulgheria Roccagloriosa

San Giovanni a Piro – Celle di Bulgheria – Stazione F.S. Roccagloriosa This trail crosses the summit of Monte Bugheria. The ascent starts behind campo sportivo near the road to Lentiscosa and is easy to find. But for exactly this trail a way sign „Monte Bulgheria“ must be ignored (2). It offers spetacular panoramic views over the Golfo di Policastro und the mountains surrounding it. Waymarks are rare especially in the upper part. In order to get to the best…

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(1) Because of the views and only little vegetation this tour is particularly suitable for kids.
(2) From San Giovanni a Piro there is a second ascend which is not as steep as this one and a little less scenic.
(3) There are also steeper descents from the altipiano to Celle di Bulgheria, but I couldn’t test them yet.
(4) The villages of Celle di Bulgheria and San Giovanni a Piro are directly connected by a bus service ( except Sundays.
(5) A location not to be missed in San Giovanni a Piro is the Pasticceria „Il Ritorno“ (Via Roma 14-16).

16,5 km
Altitude range 1153 Meter (63 to 1216 Meter)
Total climb 816 Meter
Total descent 1201 Meter

The gpx-track is extracted from openstreetmap data by
The osm data has been contributed or reviewed by myself based of satellite images and own gps traces.

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