Sapri Stazione F.S. Valico della Colla

This trip was inspired by a vacation at the coast of the Golfo di Policastro in Villammare where a fascinating mountain panaroma was present all the time but no information how to go there. That’s why this trip was an exploration, aiming to directly reach the summit of Monte Olivella and than continue to Monte Serralunga. I started from Sapri railway station on May 23, 2016 in the early morning. After passing through the oldes part of Sapri crossing the…

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La bacheca del percorso

13 km
Altitude range 1403 Meter (8 to 1411 Meter)
Total climb 1424 Meter
Total descent 340 Meter

From the destination to the next populated places (Battaglia, Tortorella and Fortino) 6 to 7 km have to be added. I will provide separate routes for these connections after having gathered the necessary information. 2 km beyond Valico della Colla there is a water fountain „Fontana dei Perali“. The entire area is safely walkable but the trip should not be undertaken in bad weather conditions. Encounter of wild boars is very likely. No facilities are found on the way.

The name Valico della Colla is mentioned on a guidepost standing at the mountain pass between Monte Cocuzzo and Monte Serralunga. It didn’t withstand the weather anyway and was found damaged 2 years later. As usual for the Cilento area the guidepost does not give information for leaving the comunal limits. There are trails from there down to Perali and further to Tortorella on one side and to Fortino (perhaps also to Lagonegro) on the other. Also it is possible to climb on Monte Cocuzzo straight ahead and climb down either on the west side to I Perali or on the east side to reach the track to Fortino.

One of the photos is a view of Monte Olivella and Serralunga seen from Monte Paccuma near San Giovanni a Piro.

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