Sicilì Caselle in Pittari

I walked most of this route together with my family in spring 2013. The first part near Sicili we were brought by car. After leaving the road and a moderate ascent into the pine forest it goes horizontally above the rim of a cliff with spectacular panorama. Later there is another ascent towards Monte San Michele until meeting the pilgrims way from Caselle in Pittari to the San Michele Sanctuary. Visiting the sanctuary whith a cave chapel a picnic site…

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La bacheca del percorso

7,5 km Altitude range 401 Meter (203 to 604 Meter) Total climb 427 Meter Total descent 205 Meter A very good place for simple inexpensive eating and overnight stay is Albergo La Sosta at the central sqare of Caselle in Pittari. In Sicili a recommendable place to eat is Ustaria Rosella where local products of the Cooperativa Sociale Terra di Resilienza are offered.

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