Tempa del Fico Cuccaro Vetere

From the beautiful remote place of Tempa del Fico I started on May 27, 2016 the long way over the mountains towards Cuccaro Vetere and further on to the coast of the Tyrrhenian sea. Because I was unable to verify the shortest possible route I took a longer one which comes quite close to the villages of Rofrano and San Menale. This makes it possible to split to route in 2 parts, the first part ending in Rofrano, the second…

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21 Settembre 2018
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La bacheca del percorso

I had a nice stay at B&B Sorelle di Luca for the night. Breakfast consisted of a voucher for one of the two bars on the piazza. Neither food nor accommodation is available on the way but plenty of water. The pictures are from three trips with very different weather. The gps file is drawn using gpsies.com based on openstreetmap which I for this area edited myself based on gps tracks, own experience and satellite images.

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