B&B Tempa del Fico Vallo della Lucania

I explored this route in several sections: From Tempa del Fico to Pruno di Piaggine I „used“ the Ciucciopolitana (www.ciucciopolitana.org) together with guides, family and frieds. Also this is part of the route Tempa del Fico – Cuccaro Vetere. From here to Cugnolo dell’ orco I didn’t walk myself but the way has been confirmed by a resident of Pruno di Piaggine and satellite images. The section from Cugnolo dell’ orco to Crepaboi I walked on 5 October 2017 doing…

Ammappato il 29 Gennaio 2019

Ammappato da: Chajim

La bacheca del percorso

23,5 km Altitude range 1146 Meter (379 to 1525 Meter) Total climb 1247 Meter Total descent 1457 Meter B&B Tempa del Fico offers simple but beautiful overnight accomodation, great food, advice for trekking and eventually guided tours. Drinking water on the way is reliably provided by a fountain in Pruno di Piaggine and Sorgente Crepaboi. No other facilities are avalable between Tempa del Fico and Novi Velia. In Novi Velia accomodation is provided by Hotel Gelbison for example, there are shops, bars and restaurants as well as a bus connection to Vallo della Lucania. Ruins of a medieval castle can be visited. The area of the ruins is designed as a public park.

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