Torraca Morigerati

The first part of this route is on asphalted roads, first on the road to Tortorella until the cemetery of Torraca, then turning to the left in direction of Vibonati. This small road has little traffic and provides nice views towards the sea on one and the mountains on the other side. After about one km you pass the place of S. Nicola on the territory of comune di Tortorella. Going further on the same road you reach a crossroads…

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5 Febbraio 2019
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La bacheca del percorso

12.1 km Altitude range 385 m (140 to 525 m) Total climb 391 m Total descent 538 m Overnight accomodation and food on the way is provided by Masseria Agromusicale Cata Catascia in Contrada S. Nicola di Tortorella. The owner can give advice for trekking and might offer guided tours. The same holds for Agri-B&B Casale Il Sughero, which is also nearby this trail. I learned about this trail’s existence by having these people as guides. This route includes the trail „Sentiero Farneto“ operated by comune di Tortorella. The Farneto trail is the western part of the old footway Tortorella – Morigerati. It’s eastern part from Campo E’Morti to Tortorella is part of this trail: mapped by Casale Il Sughero.

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