Valico della Colla Casaletto Spartano

The mountain pass Valico della colla provides easiest connection between the peaks Monte Cocuzzo and Serralunga and the surrounding places. Because of the many possible connections and I cannot provide a through route across the pass this route starts here. After 2 km comfortable way down along the western slope of Monte Cocuzzo there is a place named I Perali with picnic area, water fountain and phantastic panorama despite of the already lower altitude. Further down the dirt road there…

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14 Febbraio 2019
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La bacheca del percorso

Place to sleep: B&B Palazzo Galotti in Battaglia ( The owners maintain some hiking trails in the area, may give directions for hiking or even work as guides. They cooperate with organised group travel and might be booked out when having the groups there. Another possible host being at home in this area operates a holiday home just below Monte Cocuzzo: and offers guided tours. The indications of the trails to the top of Monte Cocuzzo are quite incomplete. But it should be possible to find a way. It might be useful to take a guide (as indicated above). I walked this route an 26 May 2016 coming to the origin from Sapri described here as separate route. In October 2018 I came again from Masseria Cata Catascia guided by its owner and accompanied by family, frieds, donkeys and dogs for a round trip to the top of Monte Cocuzzo. One of the photos shows the mountain pass Valico della Colla from above looking south from the slope of Monte Cocuzzo.

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