Valico della Colla Masseria Agromusicale Cata Catascia

Valico della Colla is the name of the mountain pass between Monte Cocuzzo in the North and Monte Serralunga in the South. Since I couldn’t explore the other side yet the route starts here. Three ways which are well visible and comfortable to walk start from here: northeast to Fortino, northwest to Tortorella and south to Torraca and probably also Sapri. This one we take. At first this is leading slightly downward along the side of the mountain offering a…

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La bacheca del percorso

From Valico della Colla it is possible to reach the peaks of the nearby mountains. In direction to Tortorella there is a picnic site „I Perali“ with a water fountain. All those possibilities can be combined to make beautiful roundtrips. Destination, place to eat and sleep is Masseria Agromusicale Cata Catascia in Contrada S. Nicola di Tortorella. The owner can give advice for trekking and might offer guided tours. I walked this route in October 2017. Thanks to Bettina Mueller ( for giving advice.

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