Vallo della Lucania Campora

The way from Vallo della Lucania to Cannalonga over small roads, passing by a chapel next to Angellara is a nice and easy walk. Cannalonga has a beautiful square to have a break at the bar or on one of the benches. A little food store is just around the corner. From the nothern end of Cannalonga, on the right side of the cemetery, there is a dirt road, partially a little damaged, leading along the ridge with little vegetation…

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La bacheca del percorso

from Vallo della Lucania until Monte Monaco 7,9 km Altitude range 623 Meter (378 to 1001 Meter) Total climb 638 Meter Total descent 15 Meter from Vallo della Lucania directly to Campora 12,8 km Altitude range 572 Meter (378 to 950 Meter) Total climb 589 Meter Total descent 447 Meter The route on the information board does not belong to this route except for the section Rifugio – Belvedere Monaco. But it’s a possible connection. I find it important to publish those maps because it’s probably not possible to find its content elsewhere. On schooldays in the morning buses arrive in Vallo della Lucania about 8 am from all places in the region making it a good starting point for day trips. Campora and Vallo della Lucania are connected by two public buses a day ( I walked this route in October 2017. From Monte Monaco I went back to Cannalonga making a roundtrip via Valle Quarantana and Cugnolo dell’Orco.

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